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Clifton Hampden Meadow.

Did you know there are over 150 wildlife sites throughout Oxfordshire that are open to the public? These vary from the small Vale Wood of just 0.27 hectares in Filkins to the huge National Nature Reserve at Aston Rowant of 163 hectares - a whole range of different landscapes from chalk grass land to ancient woodlands, from limestone escarpment to marshland.

If you would like more information on walking or  riding in Oxfordshire, then try Oxfordshire County Council's website that shows a map with lots of routes for walks and rides across the county. 

For information on South Oxfordshire click here.

Or try some of these websites

Cycling     Sustrans or call 0117 9266 8893

Horse-riding     Ride UK

Walking     National Trails Office   Ramblers Association

Waterways     Waterscape     River Thames Guide


There is a huge range of books and leaflets giving suggested walking or cycling routes within Oxfordshire. Try Oxfordshire Country Services or call on 01865 815873.