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Wychwood projectWychwood Project

Charity no.: 1084259

In 1086, the Royal Hunting Forest of Wychwood covered much of what is now West Oxfordshire. The Wychwood Project was established to raise the awareness of, and appreciation for, the history and identity of the area and to work with local communities to restore the rich patchwork of landscapes and habitats within the former Forest boundaries. By presenting  people with the challenge or opportunity to affect their environment in a very positive way, we aim to give them a sense of local identity and strengthen their attachment to, and pride in their local heritage. The Wychwood Project is a  registered charity supported by the Friends of Wychwood.

Activities and services:

  • Advice on local landscape and habitat surveys. Research into the history of landscape.
  • Practical assistance with the design and implementation of landscape and habitat restoration projects, including assistance with grant applications
  • Walks, talks, events and workshops
  • Volunteer conservation tasks and training courses
  • Newsletter - Forest Update

Geographic coverage:

The Wychwood Project area covers the 41 parishes in West Oxfordshire that are found within the boundaries of the Norman royal hunting Forest

Key contacts:

Nick Mottram Tel: 01865 815424

Signal Court, Old Station Way, Eynhsam OX29 4TL
Email: [email protected] Website:


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