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Wilts and Berks Canal Trust

Charity no.: 299595

This Group works on the creation of amenity areas based on the line of the Wilts and Berks Canal. It aims to eventually fully restore the canal to navigable standards, and reconnect it to the inland waterway network. The Trust is careful to protect and encourage wildlife interests during the restoration process because of the role played by canals as a sanctuary for terrestrial, aquatic and wetland wildlife. We welcome the opportunity to undertake conservation projects in partnership with wildlife groups and organisations.

Activities and services:

  • Guided walks along the canal
  • Canal orientated restoration projects
  • Illustrated talks about the canal
  • Monthly meetings of the volunteer groups
  • Monthly and weekly volunteer restoration and conservation work parties

Geographic coverage:

North and South Wiltshire, Vale of the White Horse. There are Membership branches in Abingdon, East Vale (Wantage/Grove) and West Vale (Shrivenham).

Key contacts:

Main Trust contact   -   Clare Guy, Honorary Environment Director. C/o Wilts and Berks Canal Trust, 117 High St, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire SN7 7AU. Tel: 08452 268567  Email:[email protected]

Local Contact   -   Martin Buckland. Tel: 01235 204115   Email: [email protected]

Website: See also British Waterways


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