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Thames Water Utilities is the UK's largest water and wastewater services company with over 4,000 employees providing service round the clock to 13 million customers across London and the Southeast of England. Its business is reliant upon a healthy environment. Each day it abstract millions of litres of water from the environment to provide drinking water to its customers. It is then returns treated wastewater to rivers and streams. It works within environmental limits and the changing nature of the natural environment. Good environmental management is a responsibility it takes very seriously and is central to the success of its business. As a major water company and landowner, it recognises its responsibilities to protect wild species and their habitats. Before starting engineering work, it carries out studies to ensure it will disturb local wildlife or heritage sites. As stewards of biodiversity and of the wider environment, it has embarked on a comprehensive range of biodiversity projects, as part of its Site Enhancement for Biodiversity and Access programme and through its Biodiversity Action Plan. These are designed to conserve and enhance biodiversity on its own land and in the wider environment affected by our activities.

Geographic coverage:

Kent and Essex in the east, to Gloucestershire in the west, Oxfordshire in the north to Wiltshire and Hampshire in the south.

Key contacts:

Martin Wagner, Conservation, Access and Recreation Manager: Email:[email protected]
External Affairs and Sustainability, Third East, Clearwater Court,Vastern Road, Reading, RG1 8DB
Customer centre Tel No: 0845 9200 800


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