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Charity no.:1059559

Plantlife is the organisation that is speaking up for the nation's wild plants. We work hard to protect wild plants on the ground and to build understanding of the vital role they play in everyone’s lives.  Wild plants are essential to life – they clean our air and water, provide food and shelter for our insects, birds and animals and are critical in the fight against climate change.

Plantlife carries out practical conservation work across the UK, manages nature reserves, influences policy and legislation, runs events and activities that connect people with their local wild plants and works with others to promote the conservation of wild plants for the benefit of all.

Activities and services:

  • Talks on  Plantlife's work can be arrangedvia a network of volunteer speakers
  • Guided walks at Plantlife reservesand other events amd activities take place throughout the year in different locations around the UK
  • Active conservation work is done in collaboration with the Ashmolean Natural History Society of Oxfordshire and the Cotswold Rare Plants Groups

Geographic coverage:

This is a national society.

Key contacts:

Plantlife, 14 Rollestone St, Sailsbury, Wiltshire SP1 1DX   Tel: 01722 342730                                       Email: [email protected]  Website:

Oxfordshire Contact:  Susan Erskine, Clove Cottage, Little Coxwell, nr Faringdon SN7 7LW                    Tel: 01367 241499


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