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Oxfordshire Woodland Group


The Oxfordshire Woodland Group was founded to increase education about woodlands and promote woodland management in Oxfordshire for the benefit of wildlife, landscapes and the public. It offers free membership for anyone with a technical, academic or professional interest in small woodlands.
It set up the OXFORDSHIRE WOODLAND PROJECT in 1991 and adopted the FOREST OF OXFORD in 1998.

Activities and services:

NL M (10 annual membership fee)
  • Advice on trees and woodland management, including ecology and biodiversity
  • Meetings, demonstrations and guided walks on trees and woodland management. Four meetings are held a year
  • Provides a forum for members to exchange experiences and points of view
  • Oxfordshire Collection of Native Trees and Shrubs, Little Wittenham. This collection was set up to help with the identification of native trees and shrubs, many of which are vital for local wildlife. (In collaboration with the Northmoor Trust)

Geographic coverage:


Key contacts:

David Rees (a Chartered Forester and Chartered Envionmentalist).

Oxfordshire Woodland Group, Signal Court, Old Station Way, Eynsham Ox29 4TL Tel: 01865 815427 Email:[email protected]


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