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Oxfordshire County Council

Countryside Service

The Countryside Service works to safeguard, maintain and enhance the quality of Oxfordshire's countryside and to improve the enjoyment and understanding of the natural environment through management of public access and information.

The Countryside Service looks after public Rights of Way, and offers ecological, landscape and forestry advice.

The Countryside Service hosts the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC), the Ridgeway and Thames Path National Trails management team, the Lower Windrush Valley Project and the Wychwood Project.

Activities and services:

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC)

  • Tetrad records of most of Oxfordshire's flora and fauna. There are also atlases of County fauna
  • Computer information on wildlife sites
  • Reference collections of insects, plants, etc
  • Visits to Museum Store by appointment
  • Individual help with identification, especially insects (resources limited)
  • Opportunities for computer literate volunteers, who can help with data input

Countryside Service

  • Defining, managing and maintaining the public rights of way network 
  • Improvement and development of the countryside access network and Oxfordshire Access Forum;
  • The development, management and promotion of walks, rides and other specific opportunities for all sections of the community to access and enjoy the countryside;
  • Providing specialist advice for: landscape enhancement, forestry and biodiversity for the county.

Geographic coverage:


Key contacts:

Oxfordshire County Council, Environment and Economy, Signal Court, Old Station Way, Eynsham, Oxfordshire OX29 4TL  Tel: 01865 810808 Website:

TVERC: Gavin Bird  Tel: 01865 815411  Email: [email protected]

Rights of Way: Paul Harris Tel: 01865 810206 Email: [email protected]

Woodland: David Rees  Tel: 01865 815427 Email: [email protected]

Lower Windrush Valley Project: Position vacant  Tel: 01865 815426  Email: na

Wychwood Project: Nick Mottram Tel: 01865 815424  Email: [email protected]

Ecologist Planner: Camilla Burrow  Tel: 01865 815873 Email:[email protected]

See also National Trails Office - Thames and Ridgeway and Centre for Oxfordshire Studies


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