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NFU (National Farmers Union)                 

The NFU is a trade association and democratic membership that champions farming and provides professional representation and services to its farmer and grower members in England and Wales.  It promotes successful and socially responsible agriculture and horticulture, to underpin the long-term viability of rural communities.


Geographic coverage:

The NFU is a national organisation with more than 600 staff and a county-based democratic structure.  Its regional offices are staffed by advisers who assist members on strategic policy, land use, employment, business development, public affairs and media communications. Its structure mirrors Government Office regions and a tier of local branch offices look after membership interests at the grassroots. NFU members can also access specialist services directly via a Call Centre.  The address below is for the South East regional office that covers: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Middlesex; Hampshire, Isle of Wight, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex.


Key contacts

John Archer, Land Use Adviser.  NFU South East Region, Unit 8 Ground Floor, Rotherbrook Court, Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3QG

Tel: 01730 711950 Fax: 01730 711951 Email: [email protected] 



For organisations that have a geographical coverage that stretches beyond Oxfordshire, the most accessible contact for Oxfordshire activities is listed. M - These groups run a membership subscription scheme, but will very often provide initial advice free of charge NL - Newsletter This Directory may not provide the total coverage of the activities of the groups listed. It concentrates on environmental and nature conservation activities. Disclaimer:  ONCF cannot accept liability for any losses due to the inaccuracy of any information in this Directory.