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Moths of Oxfordshire Recording Scheme


The aims of this new group are to co-ordinate moth recording in the county, while encouraging and enabling moth enthusiasts to collaborate, and also to give beginners the opportunity to learn from experienced lepidopterists in terms of identification and other techniques, sources of equipment, etc. A longer-term aim is to widen coverage and improve our knowledge of the moths of the county, and the production of a county atlas. The Group works closely with other conservation groups.

Activities and services:

  • Surveying the moth fauna and data-basing the records
  • Several field meetings a year
  • Annual Meeting - an opportunity to show and view noteworthy specimens (alive or dead!) and photographs
  • Arrangement of permits for recording on local nature reserves and other interesting localities
  • Provision of advice to site managers on moth conservation

Geographic coverage:

The modern county of Oxfordshire

Key contacts

Mr Townsend Moth Recorder, VC23 Oxfordshire.
Mr. Martin Townsend BSc FRES, 26 Bartholomew Rd,  Oxford, OX4 3QQ. Tel: 01865 777810 Mobile 07779 477021. Email: [email protected]

Mr Corley is the County Recorder for micro-moths.
Mr Martin Corley, Pucketty Farm Cottage, Faringdon, Oxon SN7 8JP. Tel: 01367 240389.
Email: [email protected]

See also Butterfly Conservation and Oxfordshire Invertebrate Recording Group.


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