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Lowerwindrush Valley ProjectLower Windrush Valley Project

Over the last 60 years the Lower Windrush Valley has been extensively modified by mineral extraction with large areas of the riverside pasture transformed into a mosaic of lakes. Working closely with mineral operators, landowners, environmental organisations and the local community, the Lower Windrush Valley Project co-ordinates, implements and helps manage projects that aim to enhance the landscape, biodiversity and public access of the countryside in the valley.

Activities and services:

  • Developing and managing landscape, biodiversity and countryside access projects
  • Raising public awareness, understanding and involvement in the diverse issues that influence the environment of the valley by running events and producing interpretative material
  • Providing a central focus for environmental initiatives being undertaken in the valley through the co-ordination of the Lower Windrush Valley Forum who meet twice a year (one summer field visit and one winter indoor meeting)

Geographic coverage:

The Lower Windrush Valley lies to the south east of Witney, in West Oxfordshire. The project area covers 28km2 of the floodplain of the River Windrush from Witney to its confluence with the River Thames at Newbridge

Key contacts

Alison Hopewell, Project Officer [email protected]  or 01865 815426                             Lower Windrush Valley Project, Signal Court, Old Station Way, Eynsham OX29 4TL


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