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Hurst Water Meadow Trust

Charity No.: 1050272

The Hurst Water Meadow, at Dorchester, was bought by public subscription and with help from the Dorchester Parish Council in 1996. It is managed by a Trust which seeks to preserve, conserve and protect its wildlife and their habitats. At the same time the Trust seeks to advance local understanding of the meadow's ecology and provides for its safe enjoyment and recreational use by the public. Enrolled as an ENTRUST conservation body the Trust has received three County conservation awards. The trustees are purchasing a second flood meadow by Dorchester Bridge.

Activities and services:

  • Advice on setting village conservation trusts and fundraising
  • Trustees prepared to demonstrate features of the meadow such as flood meadow management, scrape and bunds for habitat enhancement, willow spiling for river bank maintenance, etc.
  • Fishing is allowed for permit holders
The trustees are increasing the biodiversity by various overseeding and planting projects as part of the Environmental Stewardship Higher Level Scheme. Free school visits by primary and secondary students are welcomeThe Trust has a Quality Badge from the DCSF 'Learning outside the classroom' scheme.  . The sites by the river Thames are particularly suited to safe geography fieldwork.

Geographic coverage:


Key contacts

Mrs Lisbet Clements BSc (Administrator) 19 Page Furlong, Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire, OX10 7PU. Telephone 01865 340753. e-mail [email protected]


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