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Earthwatch Institue

Earthwatch Institute

Charity no.: 327017

Earthwatch promotes sustainable conservation of our natural resources and cultural heritage by supporting scientific field research and education.

It supports:

Research - long-term support for peer-reviewed scientific field research by providing a workforce of volunteer field assistants, logistical support and new funds for conservation.

Education - actively involving people, communities and the corporate sector through first-hand experience in field research, publications, and a range of awareness-raising programmes.

Conservation - using research data from our field projects to promote conservation based on objective science, through partnerships with local, national and international organisations.

Activities and services:


  • Opportunities for involvement in conservation and scientific research projects, overseas and in the UK as self-funding volunteers
  • Corporate Fellowships, Millennium Awards for those aged 50 and over (running until 2003) and Education Awards
  • Membership - which includes regular publications/invitations to events and reduced prices for projects
  • Opportunity to volunteer in UK office
  • Advice on linking business interests with Biodiversity targets

Geographic coverage:

Defra works across England. The address list covers Oxfordshire

Key contacts

Community Officer Sarah Staunton Tel: 01865 318850 Email:[email protected]
Volunteer Programme Office: 01865 318831
Millennium Award Scheme Office: 01865 318850
Jo Zaremba Business and Biodiversity: 01865 318800


For organisations that have a geographical coverage that stretches beyond Oxfordshire, the most accessible contact for Oxfordshire activities is listed. M - These groups run a membership subscription scheme, but will very often provide initial advice free of charge NL - Newsletter This Directory may not provide the total coverage of the activities of the groups listed. It concentrates on environmental and nature conservation activities. Disclaimer: Neither ONCF nor the Northmoor Trust can accept liability for any losses due to the inaccuracy of any information in this Directory.