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Cotswold Rare Plants Group

The Cotswold Rare Plants Group is a group of botanists and conservationists dedicated to "help and protect some of our area's special rare plants". The Group concentrates on a list of rare plants that grow within the Cotswold region of the West Oxfordshire District, and works in partnership with other organisations, experts and landowners.

During the flowering season recording takes place on site visits (many private), while practical management and research takes place in the dormant season. Any serious botanists or conservationists welcome - due to the confidential nature of the Group's work on private land, a character reference will be requested.

Activities and services:


  • Research old herbarium records and location of rare plants
  • Carry out surveys of plants in flower and collect seed under licence
  • Prioritise threatened species, organise practical habitat management and draft species recovery plans
  • Public talks, workshops and newsletters

Geographic coverage:

This Group concentrates on rare plants in the Cotswold region of West Oxfordshire. Its membership is drawn from Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.

Key contacts:

Mrs Margaret Cochrane, Secretary, Fairspear House, Leafield, Witney OX29 9NY. Tel: 01993 878521

Email:[email protected]
See also the Ashmolean Natural History Society of Oxfordshire and Plantlife


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