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Conchological Society

Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Charity no.: 208205

The Conchological Society is one of the oldest societies devoted to the study of Mollusca (molluscs). The Society promotes the study of Mollusca in its widest aspects through its publications, meetings and census schemes. It publishes papers on the shells, anatomy, distribution, nomenclature of British and worldwide molluscs, as well as holds meetings in London, field meetings and workshops on mollusc identification.

Activities and services:


  • West Berkshire Mollusc Survey (includes parts of South Oxfordshire) - volunteers and enquiries on data welcome
  • Speaker available on land snails
  • Help with identification, time permitting

Geographic coverage:

This is a national society, but the address listed is responsible for Vice County 22 (ie the old county of Berkshire, which currently includes South Oxfordshire)

Key contacts:

Mike Weideli, 35 Bartlemy Rd, Newbury, Berks RG14 6LD Tel: 01635 42190 Fax: 01635 820904 Email: [email protected]


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