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Cherwell District CouncilCherwell District Council

The Cherwell District covers almost 59,000 hectares of some of the most
beautiful areas of Oxfordshire, with the Cherwell and Ray valleys being
of particular interest from a biodiversity point of view.


Activities and services


The current Rural Strategy was published in 2009 and provides a
framework for improvement and support across Cherwell's rural
communities and countryside.

The current Cherwell BAP covers the period 2005-2010 and identifies a
set of actions needed to protect and enhance habitats and species that
are particularly important in the district. As Cherwell District
Council owns and manages less than 5% of the district, the funding of
biodiversity partner organisations that can directly influence
management of priority habitats and species has been key to the delivery
of the BAP.

Geographic coverage:

This is a national society. The contact listed covers Oxfordshire.

Key contacts:

Rural and Countryside Team
Urban and Rural Services
Envioronment and Community
Bodicote House, Bodicote, nr Banbury OX15 4AA
Tel: 01295 252535 Fax: 01295 263155


For organisations that have a geographical coverage that stretches beyond Oxfordshire, the most accessible contact for Oxfordshire activities is listed. M - These groups run a membership subscription scheme, but will very often provide initial advice free of charge NL - Newsletter This Directory may not provide the total coverage of the activities of the groups listed. It concentrates on environmental and nature conservation activities. Disclaimer: ONCF cannot accept liability for any losses due to the inaccuracy of any information in this Directory.