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Butterfly Conservation Butterfly Conservation

Upper Thames Branch Charity number: 254937

Butterfly Conservation works to save wild butterflies and moths, and their habitats through raising awareness, acquiring and managing reserves, habitat management, lobbying the Government and other institutions, species re-introduction, research and publishing information. Nationally, Butterfly Conservation manages the "Butterflies for the New Millennium" project in partnership with Biological Records Centres. It is also one of the lead partners in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, and has produced Species Action Plans for Britain’s most endangered butterflies and moths.

Activities and services:


  • Walks and field trips to see butterflies
  • Moth trapping sessions
  • Members meetings - talks and exhibitions on butterfly and moth conservation
  • Provides training (eg butterfly identification, transect walking and habitat management), with opportunities for practical involvement
  • Provides advice to the public on how to encourage butterflies and moths. Leaflets on habitat management for specific species are also available
  • Maintains and updates a database of butterfly and moth distribution in the three counties
  • Speakers available - butterflies, moths and their ecology

Geographic coverage:

This is a national society. The address listed covers Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Key contacts:

Branch contact - Frank Banyard Tel: 01494 672310 Also Mike Wilkins, Oxon Conservation Officer Tel: 01235 831300 [email protected]

Also Martin Townsend, Moth Conservation Officer Email: [email protected]



For organisations that have a geographical coverage that stretches beyond Oxfordshire, the most accessible contact for Oxfordshire activities is listed. M - These groups run a membership subscription scheme, but will very often provide initial advice free of charge NL - Newsletter This Directory may not provide the total coverage of the activities of the groups listed. It concentrates on environmental and nature conservation activities. Disclaimer:ONCF cannot accept liability for any losses due to the inaccuracy of any information in this Directory.