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British Trust for ConservationBritish Trust for conservation

BTCV is a charity registered in England (261009) and in Scotland (SC039302).  BTCV is registered as a company limited by guarantee (976410).

Activities and services:


BTCV in Oxfordshire seeks to support and encourage people to volunteer some of their time, skills and enthusiasm, to create and sustain environmental action within local communities.  It does this by providing individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, opportunities and confidence to do so through a range of activities.

Owning no land, BTCV provides a unique bridge between individuals and their environment, by linking land managers and volunteers.  Its activities result in a wide range of improvements for local communities, achieved through using the environment to deliver social, educational and health related outcomes.

In Oxfordshire, BTCV directly delivers a range of Conservation Holidays, training courses, Green Gyms and one-day conservation projects that are open to everyone.  It also supports around 35 local conservation and community groups that are members of the BTCV Community Network and delivers Employee Action Days in partnership with businesses and other organisations.  A bi-monthly e-mail Bulliten is available to everyone.  Further details can be found on the website.

Over the past two years (ending 27-05-09), BTCV in Oxfordshire directly supported over 470 volunteers, worked with 53 local community groups and improved 41 locations, resulting in 1,745 days of environmental action being carried out by volunteers on 316 individual projects.

Geographic coverage:

BTCV is a national charity.


Key contacts:

BTCV's work in Oxfordshire is delivered by the BTCV South East England (West & Central) Team.

Paul Forrest-Jameson  South East England (West & Central) Area Manager                                               Tel 0118 947 5049 E-mail:  [email protected]

BTCV, 16 Bridge Street, Caversham, Reading, RG4 8AA website:



For organisations that have a geographical coverage that stretches beyond Oxfordshire, the most accessible contact for Oxfordshire activities is listed. M - These groups run a membership subscription scheme, but will very often provide initial advice free of charge NL - Newsletter This Directory may not provide the total coverage of the activities of the groups listed. It concentrates on environmental and nature conservation activities. Disclaimer:  ONCF cannot accept liability for any losses due to the inaccuracy of any information in this Directory.