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British Trust for OrnithologyBritish Trust for Onrithology

Charity no.:216652

BTO is a national research organisation studying the UK's birds and their habitats. It works through a national network of voluntary Regional Representatives who organise their local members to monitor bird populations. The results of these surveys are then analysed by scientists based at their headquarters at Thetford, Norfolk. BTO data are widely used by conservation organisations, developers and policy makers.

Activities and services:


  • Surveys - Annual:
  1. BTO/JNCC /RSPB Breeding Bird Surveys (BBS)
  2. Heronries Count
  3. BTO/WWT/RSPB/JNCC Wetland Bird Survey
  4. Waterways Breeding Bird Survey
  5. Garden Birdwatch
  6. Garden Bird Feeding Survey
  7. Nest Record Scheme
  • 2007-20111 Atlas covering wintering and breeding birds - see
  • BTO has organised two Breeding (1968-1972 and 1988-1991) and one Winter Bird (1981/2-1983/4) Atlases.
  • National Bird Ringing Scheme: Gives information on the survival, productivity and the movement of birds.

Geographic coverage:

This is a national society. The key local contacts are jointly responsible Oxfordshire

Key contacts:

North Oxon: Frances Buckel, Witts End, Radbone Hill, Over Norton OX7 5RA.  [email protected]

South Oxon: John Melling. [email protected]



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