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Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre

The Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC) is a ‘not for profit’ operation run by a partnership of organisations that collect or need to use information about the natural environment. It is one in a national network of Local Environmental Records Centres (LRCs).

The Records Centre collects, collates and makes available information to help people make sound decisions about our natural environment in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. The information is also widely used for education and research purposes.

TVERC aims to hold all available information about the plants, animals, wildlife habitats and important wildlife and geological sites in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Activities and services:

TVERC aims to be the most comprehensive wildlife information service in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, a ‘one stop shop’ for all the local species, sites and habitats by working alongside local naturalists and recorders as well as undertaking our own surveys, principally on Local Wildlife Sites.

TVERC is here to help people with all aspects of the record collection, management and provision of information about the natural environment.

We can offer expert advice and access to a wide range of skills and experience through our team of ecologists and information specialists

One of our main services is providing this wildlife information to inform conservation, research, education and land planning.

We undertake projects and analysis using this wildlife information to help inform best conservation practice, such as mapping Conservation Target Areas or Open Green Space.

We have an active volunteer programme for office data processing and field survey as well as organise training events and recorder conferences.

Geographic coverage:

Berkshire and Oxfordshire

Key contacts:

TVERC, c/o Oxfordshire County Council, Signal Court, Old Station Way, Eynsham OX29 4TL

Tel: 01865 815451      Fax: 01865 713939

Gavin Bird, Oxfordshire Manager [email protected]



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