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Benson Environment Survey Team

Recording the Ecology of Benson

BEST was set up in 1998 to make a record of the habitat, landscape and wildlife in the Parish of Benson in order that they can be preserved and enhanced; to provide a basis for on-going monitoring of the ecology and for remedial and enhancement action in future years and to disseminate information and to stimulate interest among all members of the village, particularly the young.

BEST meets on the second Tuesday of most months, usually in Benson Parish Hall at 7.30 pm.

Activities and services:

  • Hedgerow surveys
  • Preparation of a Conservation Plan for Benson
  • Publication of regular features in the Benson Bulletin
  • Talks on nature, nature conservation and allied topics
  • Monthly meetings, to which anyone with an interest in Benson ecology is welcome
  • Speakers available - natural history, birds, grasses, fungi, butterflies, plants, etc.

Geographic coverage:


Key contacts:

Chairman - Tom Stevenson, 73 Westfield Road,, Benson, OX10 6NJ Tel 01491 836888.
E-mail [email protected]

Secretary - Keith Tibbs, 4 Church Rd, Benson, OX10 6SF Tel/fax 01491 838689. E-mail [email protected]


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