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Rare Plants Group

The Society encourages the study and conservation of the natural world, and was formed by the amalgamation of the Ashmolean Society and the Natural History Society of Oxfordshire in 1901.

The Rare Plants Group, a part of the Society, works in partnership to conserve the Broad-leaved Cudweed,  Pasqueflower, Creeping Marshwort, Early Gentian, Cotswold Penny-cress, Fen violet, Green Hound’s-tongue, True fox-sedge  and Meadow Clary.

Activities and services:

  • Public talks
  • Field trips and workshops
  • Field work (e.g. habitat restoration, field surveys, collection of seed under licence and research)
  • Speakers available – wild plants, ecology, especially of rare plants
  • Research old herbarium records and location of rare plants
  • Monitor and protect threatened species, organise practical habitat management and draft species recovery plans
  • The group is working with BSBI Guidelines to prepare a Rare Plants Register for Oxfordshire

Geographic coverage:


Key contacts:

Alison W McDonald Tel: 01865 556751, Email: [email protected]
Also Camilla Lambrick, Rare Plants Group Tel/fax: 01865 735161 Email: [email protected]


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