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Agricultral Development and Advisory Service (ADAS)Agricultural Development and Advisory Service

ADAS was formerly an Agency of MAFF, but is now a privatised consultancy and research organisation specialising in the Land based industries.

Activities and services:

In the environmental field, much of its activities are Government funded, and include:
  • Research on environmentally friendly farming practices
  • Monitoring of Agri-environment schemes
  • Advising farmers, growers and land owners on the conservation opportunities that they have on their holdings. These include the wider landscape and amenity benefits as well as the conservation of farmland and wildlife habitats.
  • This remit also includes the beneficial use of Set-aside and advising on ther creation of new woodland - a message put over by means of both farm visits and by a promotional programme of demonstrations, meetings and newsletters.

Geographic coverage:

ADAS operates throughout England and Wales, and its headquarters are based at Wolverhampton. The Wantage address is the base for their Environment Team.

Key contacts:

Robert Harvard Tel: 01235 438 900 Email: [email protected] The Old School, St Mary's Road, Wantage OX12 8LR Tel: 01235 438900 Fax: 01235 438909


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