Questions You Can Ask a Locksmith

Common questions locksmiths are asked

There are many queries that a locksmith will answer on a daily basis - common worries, price enquiries and specific service queries. They are usually happy to answer any question and will always try to give you the best information possible.

For more specific questions, it is best to contact your local locksmith but to save you some time, we have tried to answer some of the usual questions here.

Do I need to change the locks on my newly purchased house?

A simple answer to this is, yes. When moving into an older home, you can’t ever be sure how many previous owners there were and how many keys they had cut. If your new house has had three previous owners, each with families of five, there are fifteen people who may have a key to your new home. This number can increase substantially if you factor in them each giving a spare key to other family members or friends.

Estate agents will usually change the locks for you prior to your moving in date, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. By hiring a locksmith to change your locks, you will have peace of mind that your new home is secure.

How do I pay you?

Most locksmiths will accept different payment methods such as cash, card or bank transfer. This is usually up to the individual so make sure you call ahead and ask them what their preferred method is.

Doing this will mean you aren’t caught unaware and without a suitable way to pay the locksmith for their services.

I’m locked out in the middle of the night - can I call you?

So, you’re locked out of your house, it is dark and you have no way of gaining access. First of all, don’t worry! There are many locksmiths who operate during unsociable hours on an emergency basis.

Just a few things to check before you book any locksmith in a panic. Have a quick research of their reviews to make sure they have a good reputation and ensure you ask for a quote of the phone. Many scammers will use your vulnerable state in order to charge you more than necessary.

Should I bother with security for my business?

The answer to this is a definitive yes. Your business stores a lot of precious things, be them physical items or information stored on computers. Protecting these from potential theft should be a no-brainer.

If you take the time at the beginning - securing your commercial property - you will be thankful if ever the worst does happen.

Specialised locksmiths have the tools to instill highly advanced security systems that will keep out anyone who hasn’t been allowed access.

Do you have to break the lock to open it?

Most locksmiths have a ‘no destruction’ mindset and so will always try to keep your locks intact and the costs as low as they can possibly be. They are still able to open them through exact picking.

However, there will be times where there will be no other option than to break the lock. These circumstances should be communicated to you and the exact pricing should be clear.

How long will you take to finish the job?

Of course this answer will depend on the type of work you need doing. Reputable locksmiths will always try to complete it as quickly as possible while still keeping a high standard of service.

However, some situations may add on some extra time, such as waiting for a specialist part.