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ONCF keeps its members up to date of events happening in Oxfordshire with regards to nature conservation and of decisions taken at national and international level that may have implications for conservation.

We have 3 main methods of communication:

  • Bulletin
  • Forum News
  • Biodiversity News


The Bulletin is a free weekly email of what's happening in the conservation world. It's for anyone who works, volunteers or is simply interested in nature conservation.
It provides up to date information including, local events, walks, talks, situations vacant, useful information, offers of or requests for help relating to Oxfordshire. If you would like to receive the free Bulletin, then please let us know and we will add you to our weekly email list. Click here to view a recent sample of the bulletin.

If you would like to submit an article relating to Oxfordshire's environment, then please email us by Wednesday for entry on Thursday's Bulletin, subject to the editor's discretion.
Please submit your article or event by email and use the following format:
Day and time, TITLE OF EVENT, Description (max 100 words) contact name, telephone number or email address. (Font, Times New Roman pt12)
The bulletin goes out in a simple text format this means that logos and special formatting cannot be accepted. We reserve the right to edit all articles. Most articles are posted twice prior to the event.

Forum News

This is an annual publication full of conservation news in Oxfordshire. It is primarily designed for our members but if you would like to receive a copy (we often have some spares) please contact us or click here for to read Autumn 2009 and Winter 2010.

Biodiversity News

This is an annual publication again produced for our members. It provides up to date information on the Biodiversity Action Plan for Oxfordshire plus future plans. If you would like to receive a copy please let us know or click here for the latest issue and here for a  more detailed article by Dr Kerry Lock.

To read UKBAP News - Spring 2010 click here

Receiving information from ONCF

If you would like to receive any or all of the various publications that we produce, please complete the form write to us with the following information:
  • The publication you would like to receive
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your postcode
  • Your local authority