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Oxfordshire Species Action Plans (SAPs)

Most species conservation is assured simply by improvement to their habitat. However, where there is particular concern about a species, an organisation has been allocated responsibility for appropriate management to protect and enhance its range – this may or may not be done with the aid of a SAP. There are currently 21 Species Action Plans (SAPs).

For a full list of contents, the list of partners and an explanation of common acronyms please click here.

Species Action Plans Lead Partner Download .pdf
Water Vole BBOWT Download pdf (1210 kb)
Juniper English Nature Download pdf (1531 kb)
Bats Bat Conservation Trust Download pdf (443 kb)
Hornet Robber Fly English Nature Currently only hard copy available
Key Plant Species
Apium repens Creeping marshwort
Arabis glabra Tower mustard
Carex vulpina True fox sedge
Dianthus armeria Deptford pink
Filago lutescens Red-tipped cudweed
Filago pyramidata Broad-leaved cudweed
Galeopsis angustifolia Red hempnettle
Galium tricornutum Corn cleavers
Gentianella anglica Early gentian
Scandix pecten-veneris Shepherd’s needle
Thlaspi perfoliatum Cotswold pennycress
Valerianella rimosa Broad-fruited corn-salad
Oxfordshire Rare Plants Group Download .pdf

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