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The National Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS)

BARS is a web-based information system being developed to support the planning, monitoring and reporting requirements of national and local BAPs.

A more co-ordinated approach to recording BAP action and delivery will make it possible to identify both what is and is not being done at UK, country and local levels.

BARS will enable LBAP partnerships, Lead Partners /Agencies and steering groups to enter action plans, record progress towards targets and actions, enter details about problems encounters in plan implementation and generate a range of sophisticated reports. In addition, the system will enable:

  • Improved integration and communication between local and nation action plans
  • Dissemination of good practice across the biodiversity community, through communicating the types of activities underway and by providing an opportunity to learn from the experience of others
  • LBAP activities to be set in the national context through, for example, viewing contributions to national targets
  • Forward planning and prioritisation of activities
  • Users to assess the full range of BAP related activities that are underway in a given area, whether the activity is initiated nationally or locally